Canton Borough Authority Board Meeting Held

Thursday February 19, 2009 The Canton Borough Authority Board of Directors held their February meeting with Chairman David Zimmer and directors Steve Williams, Jeff Cole, Brian Landon and Frank Watson along with Manager Les Hilfiger.

The minutes of the previous meeting and the payroll and invoices were approved.

The directors voted to make four bill adjustments relating to frozen pipes. Abatements were made for sewer charges on 1,600 gallons ($8.80) at the Merle Haight home in Chesterfield Estates; for sewer charges of $122.10 on 22,000 gallons at Jim's Sporting Goods; for sewer charges of $238.55 on 43,000 gallons at the home of Ruby Hansell on West Union Street; and for sewer charges of $20.50 on 3,700 gallons at Canton NAPA.

RUS had requested that new bonds be issued for the water project construction loans. The bonds have been issued and received. The directors voted to pay $116,627 to RUS for loan payments from August 2008 through February 2009, $16,661 per month.

In mid-March the Authority will receive a final draw of $286,63.04 to cover monies borrowed from the Sewer money market and for money paid from the general water fund.

The Authority has committed to sell a maximum of 250,000 gallons of bulk water per day, 150,000 to East and 100,00 to Chesapeake.

Chesapeake has hauled 2,148,000 gallons as of today's meeting, including 270,000 since the January meeting. Chesapeake has "second dibs" on East's water allocation, and vice versa, and Stone Energy is third on both lists. Fortuna also has indicated they would like water around March 19.

Under maintenance items, one of the pumps at the Lake Hill booster station is out for repair with an estimated cost of $3,500.

Lee Burguess and Marty Marbaker repaired a leaking service line on Little Street. The Authority's F-150 truck had a slight accident that day with some damage to the box but it is drivable and no one was injured.

In February $196.50 was received in restitution on the Brenda Mott case. This makes a total of $32,392.46 in restitution paid to date and a balance of $626,651.44 to be paid.

No word has been received concerning the Judge's decision for the request for an increase in restitution.

Stormwater collections of $2,326 were turned over to Canton Borough in January.

The board voted to purchase a 2005 Chevrolet Astro Van from Watson Diesel for $4,610. This was purchased at auction in North Carolina. Mr. Watson abstained from the vote.

The Authority will attempt to sell its Pontiac van, F-250 work truck and S-10 pickup. They will look for a truck to replace the F-250.
What's been said:

Tim Mullen

03/07/2009 03:38 PM

7 March 2009

"A Florida priest charged with embezzling thousands of dollars from his church to fund a lavish lifestyle has been convicted of second-degree grand theft. Prosecutors accused Francis Guinan, 66, of stealing from St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church in Delray Beach.... A jury found that he stole between $20,000 and $100,000. Guinan faces up to 15 years in prison at sentencing March 25."

Let me see...

6 X $100,000 = $600,000


6 X 15 years = 90 years



'Fla. Priest Convicted Of Embezzlement,' USA Today, 02-24-09, p.3A.

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