Pam Hicks receives award

By: Bonnie BixbyWednesday April 18, 2012

As we all know during the 2010/2011 school year, our school district voted to close two of our school buildings to help balance the budget. With closing two buildings we had to realign all of our cafeteria workers. All workers in the cafeteria kept their positions as we still had the same number of students to feed. All staff were rearranged. Pam Hicks was asked to move from the Middle School manager to the Junior/Senior High School as a manager. The Jr/ Sr High School had 240 seventh and eighth graders added to the enrollment of the building for a total of 740. We had to keep the same number of lunch periods to feed these additional students. Pam was instrumental in helping to decide where and how to accommodate these additional students.

Located just outside our cafeteria was our school store. We turned it into our third lunch line. It is a deli line with freshly made wraps, salads and yogurt platters. It took some reconstruction, several hours/days and weeks of time and efforts by many people. Pam took charge and led the way with her staff. She brought two full time workers with her from her previous school. She inherited a furloughed employee from another department in the school district to fill a retired full time cook position. Pam was creative and developed a new schedule and a routine for all the staff to work to the best of their abilities. To be honest the first few weeks of school were chaotic as we tried to work out all the timing issues. Pam did this with ease. In previous years we had dissention between the staff. It is a different kitchen this year. All the staff share their ideas, joke around and laugh all while working together as a team. We have also received positive feedback from the students. There is a new found respect between the cafeteria staff and students with Pam as the new manager. The kids respect her and she respects them. Pam is a good person and is an asset to any kitchen. We are very lucky to have her here in Troy. Pam’s dedication to school nutrition and the local school nutrition chapter has won her the award of Cafeteria Manager of the Year for the state of Pennsylvania. Congratulations Pam!

Mrs. Sue Shipman, principal of the Troy Jr.-Sr. High School also had high praise for the work done by Pam and how much the students appreciate her efforts.

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