According to the most recent statistics provided today, dependent on real-time satellite measurements, greenhouse gas emissions from gas and oil production and processing in the world’s biggest economies might be roughly double the official figures. There is sex involved. Climate Trace, which is a technology-academic collaboration led by former US Vice President Al Gore, discovered that the analysis presented today is mostly based on direct as well as independent satellite data of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions “everywhere.” It claims to be the world’s “first” comprehensive accounting system.

Climate TRACE estimates that there will be over a billion new additions. In countries that are not required to disclose gas and oil emissions on a routine basis, annual CO2 tonnes (greater than the cumulative yearly emissions of 100 lowest-ranked emitting nations) may not be counted.

As a result, satellite-based discoveries may be able to fill in significant knowledge gaps for all nations that depend on the existing self-reported “patchwork system” that underpins most current emission inventories. 

According to the coalition, they are crucial since they define when and where emissions happen, where leaders will target their decarbonization activities to the greatest impact, and by prioritization of them. We wanted to usher in a new era of openness.

The inventory, which was issued today, incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), satellite, machine learning technologies and remote sensing from over 100 countries that presently lack full emission data for the previous five years. The group said it gathered data for the study by examining 59 trillion bytes of the data from over 300 satellites, 11,100 sensors, and a variety of other emissions sources around the world.

Countries are anticipated to pursue improved emission reduction measures less than two months before the key COP26 Climate Summit in November. Climate TRACE expects that the data revealed today would aid world leaders in their negotiations in Glasgow.

“The lack of independent and credible data on emissions has impeded climate change policies for a long time,” said Al Gore, a founding member of Climate TRACE Union. “The premise behind Climate TRACE is that we can only regulate what we can monitor. Everyone who intends to play a part in decreasing emissions, from regulators and government ministers to investors and enterprises. We are assisting in the creation of a level playing field for all. Civic activists, leaders and journalists are all invited. Everything will be exposed in this new era of basic openness.”

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