Dominic Ongwen sentenced to 25 years in prison for crimes against humanity in Uganda. The rebel leader was forced to be a child soldier before rising in the organization led by Joseph Kony.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has sentenced Dominic Ongwen , a former general of the armed group Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), to 25 years in prison for war crimes committed in Uganda .

“In light of the gravity of the crimes committed, the application of the extenuating and aggravating circumstances, and his individual personal circumstances, the chamber condemns him to a total incarceration period of 25 years as a joint sentence of the 61 crimes he has committed. been found guilty, “the court has argued.

Ongwen was indicted on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in northern Uganda by the group, led by Joseph Kony . Chamber IX of the ICC stated on February 4 that the man was guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Thus, he was found guilty of “attacks against the civilian population” , including murder, attempted murder, slavery, violation of personal dignity, looting, destruction of property and persecution in four attacks against camps for displaced persons in Uganda between October 2003 and June 2004.

Sex and gender crimes
Ongwen was also found guilty of “sexual and gender crimes” , mainly forced marriages , torture , rape , sexual slavery , forced pregnancy and violation of the personal dignity of several women kidnapped and placed under his control.

He was also found guilty of other sexual and gender crimes committed against girls and women by the Sinia Brigade, including forced marriages, torture, rape and sexual slavery, as well as the crime of recruiting child soldiers under 15 years of age and their use in hostilities.

The trial began in December 2016, in a case that has been a dilemma for the ICC, given that Ongwen was a victim of the group after being kidnapped by the LRA and forced to be a child soldier before he committed the actions for which he was charged. once he rose through the ranks of the formation led by Joseph Kony.

In 2005 the ICC brought charges against Ongwen, Kony and four other members of the LRA. Ongwen, for his part, surrendered to the United States Army in January 2016 and has now become the first member of the group to be convicted by international Justice.

By Peter Barzilai

Peter Barzilai is a high school pitcher and college rower turned longtime World News journalist. Peter has also written for Buzz Feed and Huffington Post and many other major publications, Peter Loves everything about sports and loves to write on trending topics and he is TheCantonIndependentSentinel member since 2017.

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