There are several companies that are exposing their future forecasts in recent days, once the worst moment of the pandemic has passed and, therefore, the visibility of their results has improved.

One of them has been Prosegur , which has done the same in its CMD ( Capital Markets Day ), in which it advanced its objectives for 2023 and 2030 and explained its growth strategy by businesses and countries.

Regarding the first, the figures provided pleasantly surprised the market since they beat the forecasts that the consensus of analysts had for 2023. Of the range forecast by Prosegur, the lower part exceeds the sales that analysts forecast for the parent company by 8%. and Cash for 2023. If these forecasts are compared with the upper part of the range, the improvement is 15% for Prosegur and 13% for the cash management subsidiary.

If these promises are fulfilled, the group’s income would increase between 17 and 26% between 2020 and 2023 , while the subsidiary would lead an increase of between 25 and 32%.

They have also given long-term forecasts, setting the goal of 2030. By that date, they hope to achieve sales of 3,000 million euros in Cash and 6,700 million in the parent company, these being the highest figures of the expected range and that they would even come close to doubling the turnover in the period of a decade, if the objectives were met. This, organically, to which should include its clear desire to grow also through acquisitions and alliances, for which they could be financed through the divestment in Cash, where the parent company has 75% of the capital. .

“Although visibility is still low in some businesses, we believe that it should have a positive impact by placing the objectives above the consensus forecasts,” they explain from Sabadell.

Income 4 experts consider that “although their securities are penalized in the market by the situation in Latin America, the devaluation of their currencies and the uncertain prospects on the use of cash, we continue to think that the parent company is a better bet with a risk more limited, thanks to the hidden value of its Alarms, Surveillance or Cybersecurity business “.

By Erik Brady

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