The endless testing phase of Radar Covid
Not even the Ministry of Health defends the Radar Covid application anymore. In fact, sources from the environment of Minister Carolina Darias assure that “the tool is a complete failure”, both because of its low penetration among the population and because of the few cases that it is capable of tracking.

Specifically, they speak that less than 20% of the population has downloaded a tool that only detects 2% of infections. However, the worst thing is that the figures do not have any signs of improvement because Radar Covid is still in the testing phase in several autonomous communities more than ten months after its launch.

“There are seven regions that have not signed the agreement to start using the application in their territory,” they say in the Ministry of Health. Basque Country, Navarra, Canary Islands, Andalusia, Extremadura, Catalonia and Cantabria are the autonomous regions in which the application is not yet operational. Endless Tests Of Radar Covid Of Demands From Hospitality Industry And Mark1199

From what is said, the lack of understanding that has existed with the regional governments is what has prevented Radar Covid from passing a testing phase that some already describe as “endless”. “As more delay accumulates, the tool will become useful after the coronavirus pandemic has passed,” joke in political circles. Endless Tests Of Radar Covid Of Demands From Hospitality Industry And Mark1199

The Constitutional Law already mobilizes the hospitality industry
On Wednesday it was learned that the Constitutional Court described as illegal the confinement decreed by the Government during the first state of alarm, between March and June 2020. It is true that the sentence prevents the State from being asked for financial responsibility for the damages caused.

But that has not prevented some sectors from consulting with their lawyers to see if there is a claim option. From what is said in the law firms, businesses related to hotels, restaurants and nightlife are the ones that show the most interest in finding out about the repercussions of the ruling. They say that there will be a barrage of demands from locals for the amount of the fines imposed to be returned to them.

The ‘incoherent’ end of Colau’s teleworking
The mayor Ada Colau orders the gradual return to the presence of the workers of the Barcelona City Council. It is said that this measure worries a good part of the officials. “It is incomprehensible that they demand the end of teleworking and the return to the town hall just at the height of the fifth wave of Covid in Catalonia”, say the social agents. Endless Tests Of Radar Covid Of Demands From Hospitality Industry And Mark1199

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