The outbreak of the fifth wave of the coronavirus has forced many families to modify, at the last minute, their vacation plans. The short breaks , a few days to destinations within walking distance, are the favorites of the locals for the second summer of pandemic.

The health crisis and the risk of contagion are not, however, the only reasons for containment. Many citizens hit by the economic crisis who have given up traveling this summer because they cannot afford it. These are some of the testimonies collected.

Mónica Costa , 20, born in Barcelona works in a pet shop and assures that this fifth wave has forced them to change the plans they had established. “We wanted to go to Malaga for a few days but in the end we decided to leave it. This new obstacle of the pandemic has forced them to postpone their vacations once again.

Miha Ojstersek is 38 years old, from Slovenia, although she has lived in Barcelona for seven years and is dedicated to after-sales. He explains that he had the idea of ​​taking a trip to Andalusia, but what has stopped him and made him cancel the trip is the vaccine. Freshly vaccinated, he has had to stay in Barcelona and postpone his vacation for the following year.

Ester del Pino is 41 years old, she is from Barcelona and works as an accountant. Directly, he has not considered going anywhere. “Last summer we had to cancel everything and this year we have not even tried to look at anything.” He explains that, although at Easter he was able to make a getaway, this summer he has decided with his family to stay in Barcelona. On a COVID-free vacation, he says, “we would have gone far.”

Ramon Llobera , 38 years old and born in Lleida, has been a project technician until the arrival of the pandemic. He assures that this year they will do local tourism visiting Barcelona and maintain, if everything goes according to plan, a trip to Tossa de Mar. He assures that had it not been for the covid they would have gone to Mallorca for example.

Lluís Uroz is a 78-year-old resident of Barcelona. Now that he is retired, he assures that during the month of August they prefer to stay in the city but have planned to do some outing in September. Explain that this fifth wave of the pandemic makes them pending and waiting to know if they can leave or not.

Marlenne Recorda is a 33-year-old young woman from Sabadell who is dedicated to music. He assures that, pending his vaccine dose, the tourism he will do is local, such as weekend getaways to Madrid or Zaragoza. He explains that in his case it has not affected him since he had not considered doing tourism outside of Spain.

Cristina Balletbó , 41 years old and born in Lleida, works in a renewable energy company. He explains that without traveling far, “the pandemic has forced me to telework and that has allowed us to make different small outings.” He has taken this opportunity to spend the holidays this year in Barcelona with the family and thus do local tourism. He assures, “always monitoring all security measures.”

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