Pol John is a 50 year old taxi driver, born in Ireland although he has lived in Barcelona for 20 years. The pandemic, in addition to forcing him to quit his job as a taxi driver and take him to the world of teleworking, has caused his two or three annual trips to Ireland to see his family to be canceled. Pending vaccinations and restrictions, he has not been able to return to his country for the moment.

He adds that this year for the same reason they have been traveling through Catalonia, but also another condition is added, the economic one.

69 years old and is from Barcelona. He assures that people really want to go out but everything revolves around an economic issue. This year, for the same reason, she has opted for a mountain retreat although she assures that it has not affected her in terms of the distance of the trip because she would have opted for local tourism.

Aran Hernández is a 16-year-old teenager, living in Vilassar. He is currently studying and had chosen this summer to take a trip to Paris. As a result of the fifth wave of the pandemic, Aran has had to cancel the trip and has changed the destination for a closer one: the Costa Brava.

Laia Vidal is 41 years old, she is from Parets del Vallés and works at the Associació Lectura Fàcil. He explains that together with his family, until the last moment they have had to be aware of the changes that would take place and what was going to happen.

“We have tried not to make big plans because we do not know if we can carry them out.” In addition, he assures that traveling with children is complicated because they are not vaccinated, therefore this year they have decided to vacation in a Càmping in Figueres. He explains that on another occasion, they would have traveled abroad without a doubt.

Teresa Alarcón is an 83-year-old woman who has lived in Barcelona since she was 3 who assures that she does not see herself with the heart of leaving her city.

“If I’m afraid to visit my family for my grandchildren, how can I go anywhere else!” He assures that out of fear and precaution he prefers to choose this year, to enjoy his city and his routine, even if this means not seeing his family.

Ramon Trinidad is a 56-year-old chef from Manresa. He assures that his family has not been affected in terms of the cancellation of any trip, but in the uncertainty of knowing if this year they will finally be able to go on vacation or must remain in their city. In addition to opting for local tourism, this fifth wave has forced them not to take their vacations for granted.

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