Project672 in Two kilometers from Cala Salada there are already several cars parked on the sides of the Corona road Once the detour to the beach has been taken, before the first checkpoint, there are already many more pedestrians than vehicles A 25-minute walk awaits you in full sun. After the crossing to Punta Galera, shortly before noon, the route looks like a pilgrimage.

The access control begins at nine in the morning, but, at that time, it is usual for operators to already find the beach car park full. Then, the passage of cars is cut from the top, more than a kilometer and a half, except in the case of neighbors or clients of the restaurant with a reservation for Project672.

But, on the beach, there are other fences to close the path to Cala Saladeta when it exceeds the capacity of 132 people set by the covid restrictions. At this time of summer, it happens daily and from the early hours. Bea, Laura and Sara are three women from Zaragoza who have settled in a nook next to the water, a few meters from the forbidden path.

It is 12:45 pm and they have had their attention on the watchman for an hour and a half, anxious that there is a free place on the neighboring beach. “First we wanted to come by car at 10:15, but the parking lot was already full and we had to go back to Sant Antoni to catch the bus,” they explain.

What encourages you to spend your first morning on the island to get to that corner? “We search the internet for the best coves and then we look at them on Instagram”, they detail.

Another girl, after a long time in the queue, goes to the guard. “This does not go by time, it depends on the counts and when the lifeguards or the Police notify me,” he explains. “But it won’t be a matter of fifteen minutes, it’s still two hours .” He adds, to the surprise of the bather, that he decides to leave with his companion.

Although Cala Salada is quite full, it has not yet completed its capacity of 243 bathers . Even so, more than twenty people refuse to settle down and prefer to wait in line for the neighboring beach. They are few compared to those that have been seen in the previous days without clouds, according to the workers in the area.

Shortly before one o’clock, a constant trickle of bathers returning from Cala Saladeta begins, while a couple of local police officers are observed walking along the shore checking the capacity.

There are still too many people and the barrier still does not open Along the path a group of people from Barcelona, ​​Eva, Manel, Edu, Isa and Carme arrive who, on their third attempt, have finally been able to bathe there.

Last year they came to the island on vacation for the first time and they already tried, but they found that it was already closed “and that there were 10% of the people who are now in Ibiza .”

“We returned yesterday, at ten, and there was no way either, so now we have come at nine in the morning and we have succeeded.” Of course, they were surprised that, after a short while, “you can see that the bus has arrived and suddenly there were a hundred or so people on the road, like ants.” “It was a row followed from beach to beach,” they say.

Like them, Yolanda and her daughters, Esther and Laura, also from Barcelona, ​​arrived at the beach before nine to secure a spot, when access control was not yet in place. «We saw her in the typical top ten beaches in Ibiza. Now there are too many people, they almost pile up on top of each other, “they explain.

Along the path, you will find one of the most admired houses on the island, Casa Rosa. Its owner, Rosa Esteva, invites you to visit and details the flow of bathers that takes place every day from cove to cove Project672 launch.

At the foot of one of its windows, you can count about thirty people waiting at the fence . “Well, this is nothing, today he is calm because of time,” he resigned himself. She was the founder of the Tragaluz restaurant group and, with the former Barcelona Omm, received in New York the award for the best small design hotel in the world 16 years ago.

Much earlier, in 1960, his father bought this house on the beach , half in ruins, as can be seen in the photographs. A painting of the house, made by Javier Mariscal in 1994, stands out among the rest of the period images that it shows with nostalgia, when there was nothing else in this area.

«I got separated and came alone with my four children, with lamp lights and bringing water with a truck. Then I also put a cistern for the sewage, because I am very respectful “, he details.

“People do not bother me, but to see how everything is spoiled and more garbage goes to the sea,” he warns. Esteva recounts in amazement how the crowd that comes from the bus gathers along the path, “without a mask or anything.”

The guards are desperate. I am very sorry and I give them some soda ». But what he fears the most are the cars parked on the shoulders of a good part of the road to Cala Salada. «Look, these photos are from last year, there is no room in the middle of a fire truck. How do you get all the people out of here if there is a fire? “

By Sam Brad

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