Yolanda Díaz asks the Government to “be brave” with the price of electricity and offers her formula to lower the bill. The PP asks Sánchez to call elections “after record weeks” in rising power. The price of electricity drops this Saturday after five consecutive records, but it will be the most expensive Saturday in history.

The second vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz , believes that the measures implemented on the electricity bill, such as the reduction in VAT , should be “permanent” and has advocated intervening in energy prices.

In an interview in CTXT this Saturday, Díaz believes that “it is time to be brave” and points to the need “to intervene in the price of energy and move towards regulated prices”, in addition to the measures already approved remain ” permanently”.

For the second vice president, the situation of the price of electricity “cries out to heaven” and underlines that “we are facing a fundamental right” with “six million people in energy poverty”.

To cushion the impact on the bill of the rise in the wholesale market, the Government has lowered the VAT on electricity bills from 21 to 10% until the end of the year and has suspended the tax on electricity generation (7%) during the third quarter that the production companies pay.

The average price of electricity in the wholesale market (pool) for this Saturday is 114.63 euros megawatt hour (MWh), its first drop after setting five consecutive records.

However, it is still soaring compared to the same dates last year when it marked 31.55 euros / MWh, while a heat wave hits almost all of Spain.

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